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Wireless Expansion

Wireless Expansion - Centrally Funded   EXPIRED

The University's current 5-year plan called for 100% wireless coverage for inside locations normally occupied by students, staff, and faculty.  To the best of our knowledge, that goal will be met by June 31st, 2014 two years ahead of schedule.  While great news for coverage, it does mean that no further centrally-funded expansion requests are being processed at this time.  The University is investigating starting another wireless expansion project to improve capacity, not coverage, issues but no such project is currently underway.

Requests for Departmentally-Funded Coverage

If no central funds are available, if coverage is desired in areas not centrally-funded, or if priority installation is wanted, the department or college is required to pay the actual cost of installation.  Costs for installation include the access point itself, a software license, cable installation to the wired network, labor, and sufficient fractions of network switches, central controllers, redundant controllers, maintenance, et cetera necessary to support the access point in a seamless corporate environment.  The total cost for increasing wireless coverage per access point is listed on the Cost Recovery page. Also note that the University will soon begin the process of upgrading to new wireless access points which may affect pricing.


For more information regarding installation charges and equipment costs, please contact Mark Harsen or Angie Cockrum in Networking and Telecommunications.  (Note that each person using wireless will cost $5 per month albeit most groups are centrally funded such as students via SCUF and faculty by the Office of the President.  See University Access for more information.) To start the process of getting a survey done on a given area, follow the guidelines below:

Ordering Service or Determining Costs Before Installation

You must submit an order with Networking and Telecommunications Services for both service orders and for estimates for service orders.  Inquiries without orders will be handled informally are do not constitute a firm committment for price, coverage, performance, et cetera.

The order and estimate procedures are essentially identical: Submit a work order to Networking and Telecommunications Services, complete with budget number, specifying that you want wireless services in a given area.  If you wish final approval of the order once total costs are known, simply state this on the order.  However, final approval is always sought for wireless orders regardless.

Along with your request please provide a list of room numbers for the rooms where you are requesting wireless service.  Also indicate any locations where you anticipate a higher density of users.  This would include large meeting rooms or conference centers where 50, 100, to 200 wireless users could congregate for special meetings or large conferences, seminars, or other special events.  If there is any confusion about the requested coverage area Networking and Telecommunications will contact you for clarification.

Networking and Telecommunications would then design the appropriate service and determine installation and equipment costs.  The requestor would then have the option of approving the plan and the costs as is, of cutting down on the service area, and of canceling the work order completely.  There is no cost associated with canceling a work order provided that no actual installation work has been performed.

Once the order is accepted, the network is designed, and the requestor approves the expenditure, Networking and Telecommunications will start working the order as soon as possible.  We keep a stock of wireless devices on hand, so installation will begin once orders ahead of it are worked. When an order is accepted, the requestor can ask for and receive an estimate of when the service will become operational.

Outside Locations

Some outside locations are under study, and new designs (June 2014) have been forthcoming.  Because of the recent sketches by Planning, Design, and Constuction with Doug Sampson's expert designs, outside wireless can now be ordered.  Cost estimates will on a project by project basis only as outside wireless is much more complicated and results in much higher installation and maintenance costs.


Additional information can be found in other areas of the Networking and Telecommunications Wireless Network page or contact Mark Harsen