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Network Services

Here you can find more information on how to get connected to the Missouri State University networks using secure VPN, dialup, fast ethernet, and even wireless connections.

Wired Connections


Learn how to order new high-speed wired connections and how to make changes to your existing wired service.

Wireless Network


View information on connecting to Missouri State's wireless network. View the wireless coverage on campus and find out who to call for support.

Video Conferencing


Discover the video conferencing services that are available at Missouri State.

Virtual Private Network External


Connect to Missouri State University through a Virtual Private Network External which provides a secure link from a remote site. It also gives access to resources that are otherwise only available on campus.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol


VoIP phones are now available that work on computer data connections.  These phones, with an update on our part, will work on any active network connection in the MSU system.

Cost Recovery

Cost Recovery

The amounts charged for services to recover the costs of providing various services.

Area Broadband Providers


View maps, search, and compare high speed internet providers for your home.