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Area Broadband Providers

Looking for High-Speed Internet for your home?

As a service for the University, we would like to provide tools to assist you in finding local broadband service.  If it is available in your area, broadband Internet will provide a much richer experience and is strongly recommended.  Listed below and outlined on the right are links and information for websites that will allow you to easily locate service providers in your area. ( External) has comprehensive lists of service providers for both broadband and dial-up Internet access.  Each provider is listed with ratings and prices for an easy comparison.  Another utility to locate a broadband service provider is External, a government web site maintained by the NTIA and FCC.

Missouri has also received Federal grants to expand on broadband coverage in rural missouri.  Please check External for information on these exciting projects.  Specifically, their mapping page External is an excellent tool to locate broadband providers anywhere in Missouri.