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Video Conferencing

 Useful Contacts 

Video conferencing is used throughout the Missouri State University system for classes, meetings and interviews with people across the State, Nation and even the world.  Here are some of the capabilities that Networking and Telecommunications provides to those needing these services.


Video prioritization
IP video calls outside of the University System use the same Internet connection that is used by the rest of campus.  When this connection is heavily utilized video conferences can suffer by losing picture quality, audio quality and sometimes even disconnecting the call.  Computer Services Networking and Telecommunications prioritizes approved and registered video codecs and conferences.
ISDN Services
Most video conferencing is now done over the data network instead of ISDN lines though we do still support ISDN.  If ISDN is needed for a conference, make arrangements with us as soon as possible so that we can make sure everything is set up.  If the ISDN call is long distance then Networking and Telecommunication will need contact information for billing purposes.  All calls need to be tested prior to the conference date.

IP to ISDN bridging is also available.
Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) Services
Missouri State uses multiple MCUs for different applications.  Our MCUs support video and audio in normal and high definition.  Please call for assistance with connecting.
Recording Services
Want to record your conference or class? If you are connecting through an MCU you can.  Contact us for more information.
Our equipment has some support for SIP and SIP/H.323 bridging.  Call to see if we can support your equipment.


Roger Spalding
Video conferencing setup or technical issues primary contact.
Computer Services Networking and Telecommunications
Secondary contacts for technical issues.
Other Contacts
Contacts for scheduling or BearNet issues.