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Sponsored Access

Sponsored Wireless

Wireless access is available for guests of the university whose activities and wireless access are approved and sponsored by a full-time employee of the University.  This service provides Internet access and limited access to on-campus web sites.  Only publicly-available sites are accessible via sponsored access, so if resources are needed that are not reachable to users on networks off of campus (without the use of VPN External), then sponsored access will not meet your needs.

Who Gets Access

Sponsored wireless access is available for companies and individuals that are providing an approved service to the University.  Access is also provided for members of conferences and their hosts that are held on University property.  This is not to be used by staff, faculty, or current students.

Getting Access

Access requests must be submitted by a full-time employee (sponsor) of the University that is responsible for the guest(s) while on campus.  Sponsors must contact Networking and Telecommunications or an an authorized, high-volume sponsor to obtain the current Pre-Shared Key (PSK) that is currently, or will be, in use during the guest's stay at the University.  This key changes monthly, so future keys may have to be obtained if a need spans a month boundary.  The key shall not be shared to others as per University policies.

How to connect

Once approved, connecting to the guest wireless network is a breeze.  Start by turning on the wireless radio on your laptop or mobile device.  Bring up the list of available wireless connections and connect to the 'MSU Sponsored' wireless network.  Your device should prompt you for the current Pre-Shared Key, PSK, or password:  enter the key you have been given and you should connect almost immediately!

List of available wireless networks Sample screen to enter PSK

Students, Staff, and Faculty

Sponsored wireless access is not intended for current students, staff, or faculty of the University.  Please see the University Access page for more information.