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Open Access

MSU Open password:

Open Wireless

Open access, but secure, wireless is available in a limited number of University locations for the convenience of our prospective students and their families.  This service provides Internet access and limited access to on-campus web sites, but includes all access necessary to review prior to admission, but admission and registration steps may also be performed using this network.  Other University publicly-available sites and the full Internet are also accessible.

Who Gets Access

Open wireless access is available for anyone visiting the supported facilities, but it is specifically designed for use by prospective students who have yet to be admitted and for use by their family members.  This is not to be used by staff, faculty, or current students.

Getting Access

Signs are pending installation that will document the availability of the open wireless network along with the Pre-Shared Key (PSK or password) required for connectivity.  This key will rarely change, so enjoy full access to the Internet and appropriate MSU resources during your visit.

Currently, the open wireless network exists in Garnett Library, Meyer Library, Plaster Student Union, Hass-Darr Hall, Davis-Harrington Welcome Center, and Magers Health and Wellness Center. Please note, once a student has been admitted, access to University wireless networks are available at all 2,200+ locations around the campuses.

How to connect

Connecting to the open wireless network is a breeze.  Start by turning on the wireless radio on your laptop or mobile device.  Bring up the list of available wireless connections and connect to the 'MSU Open' wireless network.  Your device should prompt you for the Pre-Shared Key, PSK, or password:  enter the key, which should be posted around the building or can be obtained from most offices in the building.  Your device should connect almost immediately!

List of available wireless networks Sample screen to enter PSK

Students, Staff, and Faculty

Open wireless access is not intended for current students, staff, or faculty as it has less access to resources than the standard University Access.  Remember, even admitted students that are not registered for classes will still retain University Access.