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Home Device Access

Quick Steps

Step 1: Locate your MAC address
Step 2: Register your device
Step 3: Connect to 'MSU HomeDevice' using the password shown on the Registration Page.

'MSU HomeDevice' Access

Limited wireless access is available for Home-class devices that are not capable of connecting to Enterprise-class networks, such as the main networks available on the University Campus. The Home-class devices support a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) as their only method of connecting to a wireless network and are unable to accept a username and password combination that is required for Enterprise level authenticaton (802.1x).

The 'MSU HomeDevice' wireless network is not intended for use by devices that support Enterprise level authentication (802.1x). Devices such as smartphones, tablets, Apple TVs, Apple HomePods, laptops, and computers should connect to either the 'MSU' or 'MSU Residential' wireless networks. These networks provide greater functionality and security and should be used if at all possible. Devices that are capable of connecting via a username and password may be automatically blocked on the 'MSU HomeDevice' network.

This network has replaced the 'MSU Roku' wireless network in the Residence Halls. The 'MSU Roku' will no longer be available as of January 4, 2020. Please use the 'MSU HomeDevice' network for Roku wireless connections.

The password for this network will be changed on May 18, 2020, and may be changed between semesters in the future.

Who Gets Access

'MSU HomeDevice' wireless access is available to University employees and students on the Springfield and Mtn. Grove campuses.

Getting Access

Students residing in the Residence Halls should already have been granted access. If you are a student residing in a Residence Hall and having issues connecting, please contact ResNet for assistance. They can be reached:

Access for other University members is available for $5.00 per month per device. University departments and individuals can contact Telecommunications to set up billing:

How to connect

In order to connect to the 'MSU HomeDevice' wireless network, you must first register your Home-class wireless device using the MSU HomeDevice Registration page. The registration process will require you to enter the hardware MAC address of each device that you wish to use on the network, along with an optional short description (the description will help you to identify the device, if you need to, in the future).

What is a MAC address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique serial number that is assigned to a piece of networked hardware at the time of manufacture. Sometimes it is called a hardware address or a physical address. It will contain 12 digits often (but not always) separated by punctuation such as a colon (:) or a hyphen (-). The digits can be either numbers 0 through 9 or letters A through F.

Example MAC Addresses:

  • 00:3e:56:73:0b:ff
  • 54-20-de-f1-93-66
  • a92a457ef2c1

How can I find my MAC address?

  1. Device Packaging

    The first place to check for the MAC address is on the device itself or the box that it came in. Sometimes it is called the hardware address or the physical address.

  2. Search Engine

    Our next recommendation is to "Google it". Here are some example search phrases that can be used:
    • how can I find the mac address of my echo dot
    • what is the mac address of my roku tv
    • amazon fire stick mac address

  3. Other Resources

    Several Universities, including ours, have collected lists of how to find the MAC address on common devices: