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University Access

How much does it cost to attach to existing wireless service?

Although the fee is the same for everyone, $5 per month per user, members of specific groups are paid for by that group at an administrative level.  This charge is consistent with the $5 per month per port to access the Missouri State University networks and gives the wireless user access to 100% of the wireless hot-spots or service areas provided by the University.


All university students have wireless access.  The cost of this service is covered by SCUF (Student Computer Usage Fee).  SCUF is paid by all Missouri State University students and is used to purchase and maintain student-related information technologies.  Staff or faculty taking classes utilizing fee waivers get wireless access for the duration of their classes like other students.  The waivers cover the SCUF as well.

Greenwood Students:

Student's in 4th grade or above receive wireless accounts paid for by the Greenwood Administration.  No special actions are required on the part of these students - their accounts are automatically enabled for wireless.


All faculty wireless is paid for through the Office of the President.  Part-time faculty and instructors of record are included, but only if the necessary paperwork has been completed, filed, and turned into electronic records.  Wireless access is automatically enabled for this group so anyone expecting, but not receiving, the service should ensure these administrative processes have been successfully completed.

Realize if part-time faculty, even ones that have taught before, are not activated in the Human Resources records, they will not have access to wireless until this has been completed. Also, if the department has not updated the system to reference the individual as the instructor of record, again no wireless access will be provided. Under both circumstances, if the computer records do not exist to correctly reflect a person's status, then our nightly automated process will not be able to include them resulting in no wireless access being provided.

Springfield Staff:

Wireless is not centrally funded for staff members employed through the Springfield campus, regardless of their work location.  This has been proposed External through the Network Advisory Committee to the Information Technology Council, but insufficient funding currently exists for the proposal (April 2014).  Therefore, wireless access must be ordered at $5 per month per user by contacting Angie Cockrum.  The order must be from someone with budget authorization and must include a budget number and the Bearpass ID for each user that is to receive wireless access.  The fee will then be billed to the department each month until the service is cancelled by the department.

West Plains Staff:

Wireless access is centrally funded through the West Plains Administration. West Plains users automatically have wireless access enabled.

What about establishing new wireless service areas?

Please see Wireless Expansion for procedures and associated costs.