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Toll Free Service

Many of the features on this page are the same as those that were available on the legacy phone system.

Departments needing incoming toll free service (i.e. 800; 866; 877; 888) should contact Networking and Telecommunications at ext. 65100.

The department is responsible for installation charges (if any) and for per minute usage on the toll free number.

Toll free calls transferred to a different department will continue to bill to the owner of the toll free number. To avoid this problem callers requesting connection or transfer to a department other than the dialed toll free number should be given the direct number of the requested department and asked to hang up and place the call. This policy is in effect University-wide.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Telecommunications office via email at or by phone at 6-5100 from on campus or (417) 836-5100 from off campus.