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Long Distance Services

Many of the features on this page are the same as those that were available on the legacy phone system.

  • Long distance service will be provided to faculty and staff at the discretion of the individual's department head.
  • Once you have been converted to the new CM8 system, you will no longer be charged for long distance calls placed in the U.S. because the new system includes a large amount of long distance minutes. University Policy still requires that all long distance by faculty and staff be for official business only. Personal use of long distance service is discouraged and should only be done in an urgent/emergency situation. (See Policy 6.11.25.)
    Departmental charges will still be charged for international phone calls.
  • University attendants will not place off-campus calls for campus callers.
  • If unauthorized use of long distance is suspected, or you experience technical problems, or have billing concerns, contact Networking and Telecommunications at extension 6-5100.
  • Collect or third-party calls to University numbers are not allowed.  However, if a department wishes to receive collect or third-party billed calls, a memorandum to that effect must be sent by the department head to the Chief Information Officer, Cheek Hall Room 160 or electronically to which will be forwarded to the CIO for approval.  Upon approval of the request, arrangements will be made with the service providers.
  • Official business calls made from home or while traveling are not to be charged to University telephones.  Business calls of this type are expenses that are reimbursed by filing a travel expense form
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Authorization Code can be assigned to individuals for placing long distance calls from University phones.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Telecommunications office via email at or by phone at 6-5100 from on campus or (417) 836-5100 from off campus.