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Phone System Overview

A new phone system is coming to Missouri State.

Why are we changing the phone system?

  • The University’s legacy phone system has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported nor can it be expanded.
  • Newer needs have arisen for Missouri State faculty and staff to work remotely.
  • The newer technology is more flexible and more cost effective at meeting the changing needs of the University.

What's new?

  • Most users will receive new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones that use a data network.
  • A single university phone number can be used on a physical phone, mobile apps, and computer software simultaneously.
  • Answer, place calls, or seamlessly move calls on your university number to any phone type.
  • Physical phones can be installed or moved faster and, in most cases, can be moved by the user.
  • All phone types can be used anywhere a reliable Internet connection is available.
  • Departments will not be billed for long distance calls within the U.S. (on the new system only).

What's changing?

  • Email delivery for voicemail is now included for all voicemail subscribers.
  • Standardized telephone service bundles include more features and simplify billing.
  • Prices are changing for the first time since 1985. Many users will see a small increase, but some user’s costs will decrease slightly.
  • When placing calls, the caller ID of the extension is sent instead of 417-836-5999.
  • Calling any off-campus number now requires including the area code, even for local numbers. This is due to new FCC regulations.
    (Please see the State of Missouri's document External on the topic.)
  • Dialing a “1” is now optional for both long-distance and local calls, however a “9” is still needed to dial off-campus.
  • Legacy specialized conference room telephone equipment will be replaced for no extra charge with new equivalent Avaya equipment for standardization.

When is this happening?

  • Starting on March 15th, all voicemail users will migrate to the new Avaya voicemail system. (Click for setup instructions.)
  • Starting on March 17th, all local outbound calls must dial 9+ area code +7-digits. (Click for more details.)
  • Telecommunications has already begun migrating departments to the new system.
    • Departments will be contacted to discuss their migration time and billing beforehand.
    • Long distance charges within the United States will cease after a user is migrated.
    • The entire project is expected to take about 18 months to complete.

Where can I find more information?