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Voice Messaging Services

Voice Messaging

The university is currently rolling out a new phone system, and part of that system is a new voice messaging component. This new voice messaging rolled out at 5:00 pm March 15th, 2021 and, in order to take full advantage of this new system, you will have to take possession of your voice mailbox, put a password on it, and record at least one standard greeting. The instructions on how to do that are at the link below. You will need to log in to that page with your BearPass Id & Password. For a closer look at the change to the voice messaging system, please read our Voice Messaging Timeline page. For more documentation on using the new system after it is set up, please see our Voice Messaging page.

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The message indicator light on your phone will not be activated. Message notifications will be sent to the subscriber's email address or to the departmental email address. Multiple email addresses can be assigned to a single voice mailbox. If an email address has not been provided, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to check for messages through the telephone user interface (TUI).

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Telecommunications office via email at or by phone at 6-5100 from on campus or (417) 836-5100 from off campus.