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Calling Cards

Frequent users of off-campus telephones for official business can request a telephone calling card.  The department head must submit a written request to the Coordinator of Networking and Telecommunications specifying who is to receive a calling card and the budget to be charged.  When the card is ready, the individual will be notified where to pick it up.  Cards will not be sent through the campus mail.  After the card has been picked up, any and all calls made with that card will be the responsibility of the department, regardless of the circumstances.

Calling home or making other personal calls with a University calling card is prohibited.

If a card is lost, stolen, or you suspect unauthorized use, during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), immediately notify Networking and Telecommunications at extension 6-5100.  After-hours, report problems directly to 1-800-860-1020 (Qwest).

The department head should distribute calling card charges to each individual for verification of all long distance calls.

Upon leaving the University or transferring to another department the calling card must be returned to Networking and Telecommunications.