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Door Access

 Important Contacts 

What is Door Access?

Electronic Door Access provides a mechanism to open a University door with a BearPass ID card. Special hardware and communication circuits are installed for each door.  Then, users can simply activate the door by getting their card in close proximity to the reader, tapping the reader with their card, or sliding their card through the reader depending upon the type of door hardware installed.  If the user was authorized, the door will unlock for a short period of time allowing the user access. 

All attempts at access, successful or not, are logged and available for review by authorized administrators.  Individuals and groups can easily be granted or revoked access.  Lost cards, unlike lost keys, are not a major expense as lost cards may be invalidated online using the BearPass Card Account ManagementExternal web or via a phone to the BearPass Office.  A new card can be issued for a fee of $25 per card.  For more information on the system, please contact the BearPass Office at 417-836-8409 (on-campus 6-8409).

How much does Door Access cost?

The cost of adding Door Access to an existing door will vary widely based on specifics of each door and location. The communications portion of the cost includes both one-time and ongoing charges and are listed on the Networking and Telecommunications Cost Recovery page.  The ongoing charge is used to pay licenses and maintenance on the equipment used to control the Door Access equipment.  The total cost of the installation will also include charges from the Campus Construction Team that will be modifying the door and installing additional hardware.

Ordering: Adding Door Access to a Door

This procedure is for existing facilities only and does not pertain to new construction or remodels.:

  1. A Project Request Form (PRF)External is filled out by the Requestor for a new door access.  It must be provided with the appropriate signatures and submitted to Planning, Design & Construction (PD&C).
  2. Once received by PD&C, it will be reviewed for code compliance and building modifications.  With no unique limitations noted, it will be passed to Facilities Management's Campus Construction Team (CCT) for action.  Should there be any code concerns, these will be identified and noted prior to passing the request to CCT.
  3. The Campus Construction Team will coordinate with the Requestor to perform an on-site evaluation.  During this evaluation CCT will determine the scope of work, door hardware, wiring and installation requirements.  They will also pass this request to the Networking and Telecommunications department.
  4. Networking and Telecommunications will provide an estimate for the door to CCT and contact the Requestor to verify the budget for one-time and ongoing charges.
  5. Campus Construction Team will send the Requestor a price estimate for all the labor and materials.
  6. If the estimate is acceptable to the Requestor and if the Requestor has budget approval for the expenses, the order will proceed. If the estimate is not accepted and the order is cancelled, CCT will cancel the work order with Networking and Telecommunications and notify PD&C that the order has been canceled.

If the Requestor Decides to Proceed

If the estimate is acceptable to the Requestor and if the Requestor has budget approval for the expenses, the order will proceed.  To facilitate this, the following events will occur:

  1. Networking and Telecommunications and Facilities Management will order the equipment needed to install the Door Access.
  2. Facilities Management's Campus Construction Team will install their portion first then Networking and Telecommunications will install their portion.
  3. Networking and Telecommunications will notify the BearPass Card Office that the door has been installed, configured and is operational.
  4. The BearPass Card Office will contact the Requestor to set up individual or group access to the door.
  5. Facilities Management will notify PD&C when the order has been completed.


For questions regarding managing an existing door, please contact the BearPass Office at 417-836-8409 (on-campus 68409).  For questions regarding the installation of new door access service, please contact Steve Coffman in Networking and Telecommunications.