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Electronic Door Access

What Does Door Access Cost?

Costs for Door Access come in three parts:

  1. Upgrading existing doors or installing new doors with the needed electronic locks and sensors.
  2. Installing the communications and controllers necessary to utilize the upgraded doors.
  3. Ongoing charges that cover the licenses and operational costs of the system.

Generally, the doors themselves are examined by the Campus Construction Team (CCT) in the Facilities Management department to determine what modifications are required, what parts are suitable, and how much labor is how much labor is needed.  The costs for each are combined for the first part of the estimate to get the doors ready for electronic door access. 

Networking and Telecommunications (N&T) handles all of the communications systems and licensing for this system and provides the estimate for this phase of the project. Installation costs include communications and sensor circuits which can vary significantly based on location, facilities available.

The ongoing operation of the electronic door access system is also handled by Networking and Telecommunications.  Operational costs are have been determined based on licencing and maintenance costs charged by the suppliers of the system. These charges are converted to monthly costs per door which are passed on to the client or door owner.

CCT will combine their costs, N&T's installation costs, and N&T's monthly operational costs into a single estimate and present it to the client. N&T documents typical ranges of installation costs and the operational cost on N&T's Cost Recovery page.

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