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Electronic Door Access

What is Electronic Door Access?

Electronic Door Access provides a mechanism to unlock and unlock a door electronically and provides easier management of a facility or room without the burdens associated with managing keys.  Special hardware and communication circuits are installed for each door.  Then, users can simply unlock the door by getting their card in close proximity to the reader, tapping the reader with their card, or sliding their card through the reader depending upon the type of door reader and hardware installed.  If the user was authorized, the door will unlock for a short period allowing the user access.

Main Advantages:

Using the University's electronic door access system, clients can realize many advantages including:

  • Access:
    1. Unlock a door using an authorized BearPass ID card.
    2. Unlock doors on a predetermined schedule.
    3. Unlock doors remotely with a physical button or through our video surveillance system.
    4. Override schedules and lock down a door remotely via our video surveillance system.
    5. Change authorized users in software without having to issue or recall keys.
    6. Individuals or groups can easily be granted entry or have their access revoked.
    7. No more lost keys!  Lost cards are simply replaced with the new card in software.
  • Security:
    1. All access attempts, successful or not, are logged.
    2. Video surveillance integration allows checking card owner pictures against people entering.
    3. Properly installed door with full features can be monitored by Safety and Transportation.
    4. Alarms can be set on out of hour accesses, doors propped open, forced entry, and more.

Lost cards, unlike lost keys, do not cause a major expense to the client.  A lost card can be disabled by the client anytime using the BearPass Card Account Management External web either temporarily or permanently.  The BearPass Office can also assist with lost cards and a new card can be issued for a nominal fee during normal business hours.  For more information on this feature, please contact the BearPass Office at 417-836-8409 (on-campus 6-8409).

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