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Data Network Service

  1. Data network communication connections will be provided, at a charge, for installations to the campus backbone.
  2. All data connections (administrative and academic) will be assessed a monthly fee, chargeable to the department budget.  This includes pre-existing networks merged onto the campus network.
  3. The campus data network supports Internet TCP/IP V4 protocol.  This connection will provide access to all computing systems on campus which are connected to the campus network, assuming proper authorization.  It also provides full access to the Internet using IPv4.  Ipv6 services are on the roadmap, but are not currently offered.
  4. Campus network resources include a wide variety of Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac based servers.  Applications include administrative records, library services and catalogues, electronic mail, video conferencing, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software, popular programming languages, and many other services.
  5. Use of the University data communication dial-in lines (discontinued in December, 2011) or VPN services, and access to and use of campus resources and Internet services are not charged back to the user or department.
  6. The cost of installing data network communication service in newly constructed buildings may be funded centrally if adequate funding is available.
  7. When a department is directed to move from one building or major area to another, the cost of transferring its data network communication service is included as part of the cost of relocation and is funded centrally.
  8. Departments will bear the costs of relocating a data network communication jack or related service from one location to another within a department.
  9. Requests for additional data network communication jacks or relocation of existing outlets must be submitted via email to Angela Cockrum, with the following information.
    1. Budget to be charged and signature of individual authorized to charge against departmental funds.
    2. Room number(s), telephone and jack number if available, where the current service is and/or where new service will be located.
    3. Name and extension of a person the installer can contact for proper placement of service.
    4. Desired date of service. (See Service Lead Times.)
  10. Report any problem with your network connection to Computer Services Help Desk External at 417-836-5891 (extension 6-5891 on a campus phone).  They will determine if you are having a problem with your computer or if it is a network problem.  This will prevent your department from incurring an unnecessary service charge.  If it is a network problem, Networking and Telecommunications will determine the best solution and a technician will be dispatched where appropriate.