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Voice Messaging Services

This page is no longer being maintained but remains relevant to subscibers of the old phone system. Information on the new phone system is available here ("Voice Services").

Networking and Telecommunications offers voice messaging to faculty and staff.  Voice messaging enables callers to send, receive, forward, and store voice messages.  Voice messaging is accessible from any touch-tone telephone, both on and off-campus.  Voice messaging is private and not accessible to anyone without a valid password.  This service is available 24 hours a day from any touchtone telephone, on or off-campus.  In addition to voice messaging, the system provides Unified Messaging to Outlook, Automated Attendant and Bulletin Board services.

Questions regarding voice messaging should be directed to extension 6-5100.  Requests for service must be submitted via email to Telecommunications with the following information:

  • Budget to be charged and a signature or CC of individual authorized to charge against departmental funds.
  • Room number(s) and telephone number where the current service is and/or where new service will be located.
  • Name and extension of a person the installer can contact.
  • Desired date of service.

Guides and Training are available to teach the user how to log into the system, establish passwords, create greetings, retrieve messages, send messages, and system features.  Standard procedures and practices for the use of voice messaging services are recommended for all subscribers.  The system is to be used by employees for official University business.  Any abuse could result in disciplinary action and reimbursement to the University for any damage caused to the system.