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Construction Data

 Important Contacts 

Contractors and technicians working on data installation, phone installation and low-voltage wiring projects at Missouri State University will find the standards that are used on this campus.

Here you can find more information on other related services available from Networking and Telecommunications.

Building Lookup


Look up the official MSU building codes, building names, campus locations, and addresses from this real-time database search screen.

Change Order Form


Once a budget for a project is set, any updates requested require the Project Manager to fill out a Change Order which can be found here.

Construction Standards


This page is a work in progress that describes some of MSU’s common installation standards for many of our services.

Electronic Door Access


Door contractors can view a growing collection of information needed to properly design and install electronic door access.

N&T Project Statuses lock


A list of construction projects, statuses, who needs to act to move the project forward, problems, questions, resolutions, and more are found here.

Standard Jack Labeling


Contractors can use these guidelines to help select an appropriate jack label if needed, although technology prints with labels are generally provided.

Standard Symbols


Architects, consultants, project managers, et cetera should download this document and use MSU’s standard blueprint symbols in all designs.

Standard Rack Layout


Contractors can view and download a one-page guide on how to provision a typical network data rack using MSU’s standards.