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Building CodeBuilding NameBuilding AddressCampus Name
ALUM Alumni Center 300 South Jefferson S
AMPH Strong Hall Amphitheatre 900 South Holland S
ARCO The Arc of the Ozarks 4722 East 32nd J
ARTG Art Gallery 326 North Boonville S
ARTX Art Annex 1045 East Grand S
BABH Baker Bunk House 268 Rose Bush Drive S
BAKO Baker Observatory 1766 Old Hillcrest Rd S
BAKR Baker Observatory Restroom Farm Road 514 Webster County S
BAKT Baker Observatory Telescope Farm Road 514 Webster County S
BARH Baker Ranch House 268 Rose Bush Drive S
BENT Bentley Administrative Center
BLAR Blair House 1001 East Madison S
BLSH Blair-Shannon House 1001 East Madison S
BLSS Bear Line Shuttle Stop See individual stops S
BOOK Baker Bookstore 717 South Florence S
BPLZ Bearhead Plaza S
BRIK *Brick City 3&4 (Code not used) 215 West Mill S
BRK1 Brick City 1 327 West Mill S
BRK3 Brick City 3 215 West Mill S
BRK4 Brick City 4 215 West Mill S
BRK5 Brick City 5 420 North Campbell Avenue S
BROA Broadway Building 218 West Broadway Street W
BRPN Bear Park North 725 East Cherry St. S
BRPS Bear Park South 920 South Holland S
BRRR Chiller Building (Cherry Street) 1012 East Cherry S
BSC1 Bull Shoals Cabin 1 446 Wolfcreek Road S
BSC2 Bull Shoals Cabin 2 446 Wolfcreek Road S
BSC3 Bull Shoals Cabin 3 446 Wolfcreek Road S
BSMH Bull Shoals Mincy House 547 Drury Road S
BSOE Bull Shoals Ozark Education Center S
BULL Bull Shoals Field Station 3942 Drury Rd S
BULS Bull Shoals Residence(Drury House) 3942 Drury Rd S
BURG Burgess House 736 South National S
BVB1 Bear Village Apt. Bldg 1 815 South Kimbrough Ave. S
BVB2 Bear Village Apt. Bldg 2 831 South Kimbrough Ave. S
BVB3 Bear Village Apt. Bldg 3 840 South Roanoke Ave S
BVB4 Bear Village Apt. Bldg 4 940 Roanoke S
BVB5 Bear Village Apt. Bldg 5 934 South Kimbrough Ave S
CAMD Camdenton Outreach Campus 35 College Avenue C
CARR Carrington Hall 901 South National S
CASS Cass Hall 515 Cass Avenue W
CASV Cassville - Missouri Outreach C
CASY Casey Hall 22360 Hwy MM L
CDAS Credo Dance Academy Studio 931 South Kickapoo Avenue S
CHEK Cheek Hall 825 South National Av S
CHEM Chemical Storage M
CHNA China Campus C
CING Cingular Communications Bldg Plaster Sports Complex S
CIVI Civic Center 110 St. Louis Street W
CLAY Clay Hall 744 East Cherry S
CMLT Campus Lighting S
COLD Cold Storage M
CORR Corral S
CRAG Craig Hall 1147 East Grand S
DACB Bond Learning Center 2401 S Kansas Expressway S
DACC Darr Agriculture Center Classroom - SPS Magnet 2335 South Kansas Expressway
DACF DARR Field Buildings 2401 South Kansas Expressway S
DACP DARR Pinegar Arena 2401-A S Kansas Expressway S
DACT DARR Trailer 2401-A S Kansas Expressway S
DELM Deep Elm Apts 701 East Elm S
DRAN Main Campus Drainage S
DRGO Drago Creative Center 411 West Main Street W
DSDC Defense & Strategic Studies 9302 Lee Highway Suite 740 F
DUPX Mtn. Grove Duplex M
ELLS Ellis Hall 901 South National S
FBNK Fairbanks 1126 North Broadway Ave S
FELL Fellows Lake 2401 South Kansas S
FENC Mtn. Grove Fences M
FFRC Bill R. Foster and Family Recreation Center 945 East Madison S
FHCT Freddy Courtyard S
FHLC Allison North Stadium 710 East Cherry S
FHLS Allison North Stadium Storage 720 East Cherry S
FLDE East Field - West of KGSX 801 South Kings S
FORA Forsythe Athletic Center 827 South Kings S
FORG Mtn. Grove Foreman's Garage M
FPEB Fruit Process Education Bldg M
FRPL Fruit Processing Lab M
FRTH Faurot Hall M
FRUH Freudenberger House 1000 East Madison S
GARD Campus Garden 930 East Normal S
GARF Garfield Hall 304 Garfield Avenue W
GARN Garnett Library 304 West Trish Knight Street W
GLAB Greenwood Lab School 1024 East Harrison S
GLAS Glass Hall 851 South JQH Parkway S
GOHN Gohn Hall 603 West Main Street W
GRB1 Guard Booth - Grand Street 901 S National S
GRB3 Guard Booth - Lot 40 213 South Jefferson S
GRHM Mtn. Grove New Greenhouse M
GRIZ Grizzly House 401 West Trish Knight Street W
GRIZHS Grizzly House Residence Hall
GRST Garst Dining Center 1014 East Cherry S
HAMC Hammons Student Center 731 East Bear Boulevard S
HAMF Hammons Fountains 850 South JQH Parkway S
HAMH Hammons House 1001 East Harrison S
HFSP Hammons Fountain Seating Plaza
HHPA Hammons Hall Performing Arts 525 South JQH Parkway S
HILL Hill Hall 901 South National S
HISQ Carrington Historic Quad (East of CARR)
HOLH Holland House (New Building Res. Life) 811 S Holland Ave S
HOUS Houston, MO - Missouri Outreach H
HSCH HS-Dual HS Credit - MO Outreach O
HUTC Hutchens House 1021 East Harrison S
INET On-Line Internet on-line Z
JANE McDonald County/Jane M
JDMC Jim D. Morris Center 301 S Jefferson Ave S
JEFF The Jefferson Apts 835 South Jefferson
JLAB JVIC Annex (ROTC/CrossFit) 530 North Boonville S
JMAT Joplin - Business Building J
JOTR Joplin - Transmitter Building J
JPEX Joplin Extension 4722 East 32sn St. J
JPHH Joplin - Hearnes J
JQHA JQH Arena 685 S John Q. Hammons Parkway S
JR Journagan Ranch/all bldg/acre S
JRB1 Journ Ranch T2 Haybarn S
JRB2 Journ Ranch T2 Old Haybarn S
JRB3 Journ Ranch Tract 3 Barn S
JRB4 Journ Ranch T4 Haybarn S
JRG1 Journ Ranch T1 Garage S
JRG2 Journ Ranch T2 2-car Garge S
JRH1 Journ Ranch T1 Res House S
JRH2 Journ Ranch T2 House S
JRH3 Journ Ranch T4 House S
JRMS Journ Ranch T4 Mach Shed S
JRRI Journ Ranch T4 Red Iron S
JRW1 Journ Ranch T1 Well/Septic S
JRW2 Journ Ranch T2 Well/Septic S
JTAY Joplin Campus J
JVIC Jordan Valley Innovation Center 524 North Boonville S
KARL Karls Hall 950 Carrington Ave. S
KCPV KC Penn Valley Community Colle P
KELL Kellett Hall 905 West Main Street W
KEMP Kemper Hall 921 South JQH Parkway S
KENT Kentwood Hall 700 East St. Louis S
KGSX Kings Street Annex 801 South Kings S
KIMB Archaeological Research 622 S Kimbrough Ave S
KIND Kindrick Farm 6675 West Highway 266 S
KOZJ KOZJ -Transmitter Site - Joplin 1928 West 13th Street S
KOZK KOZK - Fordland Transmitter 905 State Highway FF S
LEVY Levy-Wolf Building 110 Park Central S
LIBC Duane Meyer Library Carillon 850 South JQH Parkway S
LIBP Duane Meyer Library Plaza 850 South JQH Parkway S
LIBR Duane Meyer Library 850 South JQH Parkway S
LINC Lincoln Residence 301 Lincoln Avenue W
LOON M. O. Looney Hall 128 Garfield Avenue W
LYBY Lybyer Enhanced Tech Ctr 605 West Main Street W
MCCE Meyer Alumni Center*Obsolete
MCDA McDonald Arena 850 South Kings S
MCHS Machine Storage M
MCQY McQueary Family Health Sciences 606 East Cherry S
MELT Emory L. Melton Hall 129 Garfield Avenue W
MGCB Mtn. Grove Classroom Bldg M
MGSH Mtn. Grove Shannon Hall 401 East 17th Street M
MGVC Mtn. Grove Viticulture Center 9740 Red Spring Road M
MGWT Mtn. Grove Water Tower (50,000 Gallons) 9740 Red Spring Road M
MIL1 Mill Warehouse 1 417 West Mill S
MIL2 Mill Warehouse 2 425 West Mill S
MIL3 Mill Warehouse 3 S
MIL4 Mill Warehouse 4 405 N Campbell S
MONE Monett, MO - Missouri Outreach M
MONR The Monroe 1141 East Bear Boulevard S
NATF Allison Recreation Field 1135 East Harrison S
NECC Nevada - Crowder College N
NEOF Neosho - Farber Building N
NEOJ Crowder College McDonald Cnty 197 College Road- Jane, MO 64856 M
NEOM Neosho - McDonald 601 Laclede Avenue N
NEOW Neosho - Williams Building N
NESS North Electric Switch Station (Greenwood) 1003 East Monroe S
NMAL North Mall (between PSU & Bear Boulevard)
NOAM Miami, OK - NEOAM -MO Outreach M
NTZL Nietzel Plaza (between BLSH and FFRC)
OCHS O'Reilly Clinical Health Sci 640 East Cherry S
OFFC Off Campus Z
OPP6 One Parkway Place Unit 6-D
ORSH One Room School House 1024 EastHarrison S
PCOB Park Central Office Building 117 Park Central Square S
PCTR Robert W. Plaster Center Free Enterprise 405 North Jefferson Ave S
PEAC Peachtree Apartments 1848 S Oronogo C1
PEDU Pedestrian Underpass - 1130 E 1130 East Grand S
PENN Pennsylvania House 308 Pennsylvania Avenue W
PLAS Plaster Stadium 1015 East Grand S
PLEB Plaster Stadium East Grandstand 1025 East Grand S
PLOT Parking Lot See individual lots S
PLSU Robert W Plaster Student Union 1110 East Madison S
POST Police Officer's Sub Station 636 East Elm S
POWR Power Plant 940 Carrington Ave. S
PROF Professional Building 609 East Cherry S
PUMM Pummill Hall 930 Carrington Ave. S
PUTN Putnam Student Center 127 1/2 Jefferson Avenue W
RDST Roads and Streets S
RICH Richards House 212 Harlin Drive W
ROLA Rolla Campus R
SCHL Scholars House 1116 East Cherry S
SHAN Shannon House 1001 East Madison S
SHCR Shealy Caretaker's Residence 5607 S 222nd Rd S
SHDH Shade House - Mountain Grove M
SHEA Shealy Conference Center-HOLOS 5607 S 222nd Rd S
SHEP Shepard Hall M
SHGC Shealy Guest Cottage 5607 S 222nd Rd S
SHMS Shealy Caretaker Mach Shop 5607 S 222nd Rd S
SHOF Shealy Office Building 5607 S 222nd Rd S
SICL Siceluff Hall 901 South National S
SILO Silo 310 East Phelps S
SOCR Allison Soccer Field & South Stadium 830 East Bear Blvd. S
SPMC Midwest Sports Medicine Center 2135 South Fremont S
SREC Student Recreation Center 323 West Trish Knight W
STEC Student Art Exhibition Center 838 East Walnut S
STEL Steel Storage Building M
STMA Stores and Maintenance 945 East Grand S
STRO Strong Hall 900 South Holland S
STS4 Storage Shed No 4 Mtn. Grove M
STS5 Storage Shed No 5 Mtn. Grove M
STS6 Storage Shed No 6 Mtn. Grove M
SUNV Sunvilla Tower 833 East Elm S
SUNW Sunvilla FEMA Shelter 829 East Elm S
SWDK Sidewalks S
TBA To Be Assigned
TBD TBD a no where location for classes without rooms
TEMC Temple Courtyard (North side of Temple) S
TEMP Temple Hall 910 South JQH Parkway S
TENT Tent Theatre (Open plaza north of CRAG) S
TRBB Transmitter Building - Branson S
TRBD Transmitter Building - Darr 2401 S Kansas Expressway S
TROP Transit Operations Facility 700 East Elm S
TROT Trottier Plaza Northwest corner of Plaster Stadium S
TRSH Transmitter Building #2 466 ft 2401 S Kansas Expressway S
TUNN Utility Tunnel System 901 S National S
UMCM UMCM (Telecom Only)
UNVH University Hall 1141 East Madison S
VBAL Allison Sand Volleyball 701 East Bear S
VEHS Vehicle Storage M
WAMP W. Plains Amphitheatre W
WAYN Waynesville OTC Center 600 GW Lane Street 2
WCAT Greater Ozark Adv Tec Ctr 125 N Howell Ave W
WDLD The Woodlands Outdoor Nature 3338 North Farm Road 137 S
WDRN W. Plains Drainage W
WDSS Wood Shop & Storage M
WECM The Welcome Center 1148 East Bear Blvd. S
WEHR Wehr Band Hall 625 South Clay S
WELL Wells House 1132 East Madison S
WELN Deep Well House 9740 Red Spring Road M
WELO Old Well House 9740 Red Spring Road M
WHDH Hass-Darr Hall 201 Garfield Avenue W
WHOV W. Plains Hass-Hoover 201 Garfield Avenue W
WLBR Wells Chiller Building 1012 East Cherry S
WLFT Grizzly Lofts W
WLNC Magers Health & Wellness Ctr 901 S National Ave S
WMALL West Mall (between Carrington and Strong Hall)
WOOD Woods House 1115 East Bear Boulevard S
WPGH W. Plains Greenhouse W
WPKL W. Plains Parking Lots W
WPWR W. Plains Power W
WSDW W. Plains Sidewalks W
ZOOM Web Conference CNCT-ZOOM on-line O

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* Building codes starting with an asterisk are being superannuated and should not be used.