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Electronic Door Access

 Important Contacts 

What is electronic door access?


Find an explanation along with the key benefits of using the BearPass card for access instead of distributing keys and security monitoring advantages too!

What does door access cost?


Discover the steps necessary to order the service, the different parts required for door access, who provides these, and how the costs are determined.

How is Door Access Ordered?


How is Door Access Ordered? Explain the process of how clients request a door access estimate and what steps happen behind the scenes.

How is the order authorized?


Once the estimate is available, what is required to proceed and turn an estimate into an actual order to proceed and what happens next?

When will the order finished?


How long does it take to finish the order before the door is ready to use? Is there anything else that needs doing before then?

Who controls the door?


How are people allowed or disallowed to use a door?  How are logs obtained of who used the door?  What other controls are available?

Will Security monitor the door?


Safety and Transportation can remotely monitor doors if all features are present.  Find out what is needed, what security services are offered, and how to activate them.

Door Access Questions?


Who to contact when personal assistance is needed or wanted.  Check here for contact inforation.