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Conference Calls

Many of the features on this page are still available on the new phone system.

Conference calls placed from campus extensions have a maximum of three connections, including the dialing extension.

Conference calls placed by the switchboard operator have a maximum of four on-campus and two off-campus connections.

Additional services can be accommodated through the local telephone company operator. Service provided in this manner can be billed to the appropriate department or billed to a major credit card.

The University ECS voice system accomodates three-way calling from most campus phones. Up to six parties can be bridged with the assistance of the University switchboard operator.

Qwest conference services are available for conference calls that require more than six parties or for bridging attendees that are located at multiple sites, including attendees using a cell phone to connect.

The department is responsible for per minute long distance usage of outgoing calls from the campus network and for all parties that join a Qwest conference bridge using a dial-in toll free number. For University switchboard assistance dial "0". To request a Qwest conference bridge dial ext. 65100 or email your request to