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Emergency Information

Emergency phones are located at various shuttle stops, parking lots, parking garages, and pedestrian walk areas throughout campus. Emergency phones automatically connect to Public Safely when activated. The Public Safety officer will know your location, even if you cannot speak into the phone, and will dispatch an officer to the location immediately to investigate.

The Emergency Phones are very easy to use. They are designed for one button contact and dialing is not necessary.

Emergency Phone Panel

Many of these Emergency phones also have speakers for our campus wide PA system. If there is a known threat in the area, these emergency phones will announce the threat and provide emergency instructions.

Courtesy phones are located in most campus buildings. Instructional signage is located at each courtesy phone location. Signage includes instruction for placing emergency calls in addition to placing on-campus and local calls.

If an emergency or courtesy phone is not available dial 911 from the nearest campus phone.

Use these phones without hesitancy for:

  • Emergency information
  • Fire alert
  • Medical assistance
  • Police assistance
  • Reporting crimes or suspicious persons

Emergency phones are available at the following outside locations:

Location Emergency
Madison Shuttle Stop – Southwest of Foster Rec Center Yes Yes Foster ShuttleFoster Shuttle
Bear Park North – Lobby and all parking levels Yes BPNBPN
Bear Park North Shuttle – Southwest shuttle stop Yes BPNBPN Shuttle
Bear Park South – Lobby and all parking levels Yes BPSBPS
Bear Park South Shuttle – Lobby by shuttle stop Yes BPSSuttleBPS Shuttle
Brick City – Entrance Yes Yes Brick CityBrick City
Brick City Shuttle – Against Building Yes Brick City ShuttleBrick City Shuttle
Carrington Hall Shuttle – Southwest corner Yes Carrington ShuttleCarrington Shuttle
Glass Hall – Southwest corner Yes Yes GlassGlass
Hammons Parkway East Shuttle – Between Glass Hall and Meyer Library Yes Hammons PKWY East ShuttleHammons PKWY East Shuttle
Hill Hall – Southeast corner Yes Yes Hill HallHill Hall
John Q Hammons Arena – Southwest corner Yes Yes JQHJQH
Park Central Office Building Shuttle – In the Breezeway Yes PCOB ShuttlePCOB Shuttle
Parking Lot 3 – South end of lot north of Hutchens House Yes Yes Lot 3Lot 3
Parking Lot 8 – West of Greenwood Laboratory School Yes Yes Lot 8Lot 8
Parking Lot 24 – West end of lot Grand Street tunnel Yes Yes Lot 24Lot 24
Parking Lot 25 – South end of lot South of Hammons Student Center Yes Lot 25Lot 25
Parking Lot 31 – Southeast corner at Cherry and JQH Pkwy Yes Yes Lot 31Lot 31
Parking Lot 35 – Southeast corner at Holland and Harrison Yes Yes Lot 35Lot 35
Parking Lot 47 – East end of lot west of Plaster Center Yes Yes Lot 47Lot 47
Plaster Stadium – Northwest of Football Field Yes Yes Plaster StadiumPlaster Stadium
Plaster Student Union Shuttle – North end Yes PSU ShuttlePSU Shuttle
Scholar's House – Northwest corner Yes In Progress Scholar's HouseScholar's House
Siceluff Hall – Northwest corner Yes Yes SiceluffSiceluff
Sunvilla Shuttle – Northwest corner Yes Sunvilla ShuttleSunvilla Shuttle
Welcome Center Parking (PLOT 14) – Southwest corner Yes Sunvilla ShuttleWelcome Shuttle


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NOTE:  A mandatory update to Javascript has rendered the PA system inoperative across campus. The vendor of the system is actively working on a different approach that should get this feature back in service by May 1st, 2016.

For the official University policy regarding Emergency Information see Emergency Information