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Electronic Fax

An Electronic Fax service is available at MSU and provides the following features for subscribers:

  1. Send and receive faxes without the need for a real fax machine.
  2. Send faxes from authorized email accounts. Other sources are also available such as print-to-fax and web interfaces.
  3. Receive faxes in email. Other destinations are also available such as secure access via secure, encrypted web access.
  4. This means subscribers can still send and receive fax transmissions while working at home.

Sending and Receiving:

Please Note: As of July 9, 2020 we have switched to a cloud service to send & receive faxes, which should fix the FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) issues. It requires that we change how we send faxes via the service.

To send a fax, simply log into an email address that is authorized to access the departmental email. All faxes, including those sent to on-campus numbers, must be formatted as long distance. Address the email to <fax_number>, where <fax_number> is the 10 digit number of the fax machine you are calling. Enter the area code and the 7 digit phone number. Omit the "9" and "1" at the beginning of the number; they are not required.

Examples of the address ‘To:’ field:

  • i.e. (on-campus ext 5-5555)
  • i.e. (off-campus 417-555-1245)

To receive a fax, simply access the departmental email. All fax transmissions received will, by default, show up in this email box.


  1. Installation fees are $50 per fax line ordered or converted.
  2. Converted faxes will incur a $50 disconnect charge. This fee is not waived due to the physical labor involved.
  3. Unlimited inbound and outbound faxes cost $20 per month per fax number.
  4. No charges currently exist for long distance faxing. While this may change, it is hoped it can continue to be included in the service.


Send an email to which includes the information below. Authorization by an approver for the budget specified will be obtained prior to installation:

  1. Department requesting the service.
  2. Departmental email address that will send and receive faxes.
  3. Existing fax number to be converted or specify new fax service.
  4. Budget number paying for the service.

This is a new service that was rolled out early in response to work at home needs. Additional information and training will be provided in the future. Please report service issues to Be sure to include your 10-digit fax number. For new service, disconnects, and billing questions, or if your need is urgent, contact or call 417-836-5100.