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ClearCaptions Ensemble 58003

ClearCaptions 58003 Ensemble Analog Telephone with ClearCaptions

Ensemble with ClearCaptions for persons with hearing loss and low vision.

Phone Features:

  • Captions are provided free
  • Speakerphone offers hands-free calls
  • Call Log displays previous conversations
  • Digital amplification boosts voice up to 50 decibels

Requirements to use Ensemble:

  • Analog phone line connection
  • Dedicated wired network connection
  • Hearing loss necessitating your use of the service
  • ClearCaptions account for captions Communications Commission*

For more information on setup please see the Ensemble User Guide

*ClearCaptions is a FCC-certified telephone captioning service provider and provides the service at no cost to individuals with hearing loss. ClearCaptions is easy to use and is available on several platforms including Ensemble, PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. For more information, please visit ClearCaptions