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6Gb/s Combined Network Speed Upgrade

The tech details:

Right now, the campus internet and residence hall internet are two separate 1Gb/s connections.  Durring the day, the campus connection is utilized to near capacity while the residence halls hit peak capacity durring the night.  Because of the need for better connection for both campus and resident halls, and because the peak times for both are at different times of day, we have decided to perform an upgrade that will have both the campus and residence halls on a single 6Gb/s connection.  This means that if both parts of the university were to share the connection evenly, they would get three times faster internet.  Realistically the benefit is much more than that because both parts have access to the full 6Gb/s and their peak usage times are different.

What this really means:

No more slow internet speeds at night in the dorms.  No more slow internet on campus in the middle of the day.  The connection, at it's peak, will be able to handle three to six times more activity than before.  To put this change into perspective, the new connection would allow 72,000 youtube videos to be streamed at the same time, up from 12,000 before the change, or 2000 HD movies on Netflix up from 330! We obviously can't control the speeds of Netflix servers or their networks, but we can guarentee that we won't slow anything down!

When will this happen?

This upgrade is currently scheduled for May 23rd, 2015 after spring classes end.

Questions or Concerns?

Should you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade, please direct them to Mark F. Harsen.