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Guest Access

Guest Wireless

Wireless access is available for approved guests of the university.  This service provides Internet access and limited access to on-campus web sites.  Only publicly available sites are available via guest access, so if resources are needed that are not reachable to users on networks off of campus (without the use of VPN External), then guest access will not meet your needs.

Who Gets Access

Guest wireless access is available for companies or individuals that are providing a service to the University.  Access requests must be submitted by an employee (sponsor) of the University that is responsible for the guest(s) while on campus.  Access is also provided for members of conferences hosted by the University.  The University employee organizing a conference is responsible for providing a list of members at least one week in advance.  Required information is listed in the Getting Access section below.

Getting Access

The sponsor should contact Angie Cockrum at 417-836-4765 for access.  Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Name of guest
  • Company or organization
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Purpose of visit
  • Duration of requested access

The request for guest access must be validated by a University employee or department.  Please see Wireless Access Activation for more information.

How to connect

Once approved, connecting to the guest wireless network is a breeze.

Start by turning on the wireless radio on your laptop or mobile device.  Bring up the list of available wireless connections and connect to the open 'guest' wireless network.

list of available wireless networks

After you are connected open your web browser and attempt to navigate to any web site.  You will be redirected to a guest wireless login page where you can enter the User ID and Password issued to you by Telecommunication Services or your event organizer.

guest wireless login page

Upon completing the login you will be redirected to the original website you requested. You are now connected to the guest wireless network and may now use the internet as normal.


Unlike other wireless networks at Missouri State, the 'guest' wireless network is not secured.  It is an easy matter for others to intercept network traffic and watch activity such as web browsing, instant messaging and e-mail.  To prevent this, make sure that sensitive data is secured in another way.  For web sites, the browser should indicate that the page is secure by an icon of a lock or a key and the web address should start with 'https://'.

Where available, we highly recommend using VPN to connect to sensitive off-site resources.

Faculty, staff, and students

Guest wireless access is not intended for current students, faculty, or staff of the university.  Please see the University Access page for more information.