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Next Generation Network

What is the Next Generation Network?

The Next Generation Network (NGN) is an upgrade to networking infrastructure to meet the University's ever-growing appetite for a faster and more reliable network. There are five areas targeted for upgrading as part of the NGN:

  1. Internet bandwidth - Upgrade Complete
  2. Core routers - Upgrade Complete
  3. Distribution devices - Upgrade Complete
  4. Edge devices - Upgrade Complete
  5. Wireless access - Upgrade Complete

How does this benefit you?

Each part of the NGN contributes to the network as a whole.  Some areas such as the Core and Distribution have less of a direct impact to individuals whereas the other areas are more noticeable.  Since we have upgraded the Internet bandwidth to 1 gig, we have had much faster download speeds and have eliminated all of the problems that people were experiencing because our Internet feed was fully utilized.

Once the Edge and Wireless parts of the NGN are upgraded, you will see faster speeds (up to 10x faster) connecting to campus resources such as file servers.  The biggest improvement will be seen when downloading large files or other tasks that take longer to complete on the network.  There are several other improvements that won't be as apparent to someone using the network.  These include improvements in scalability, vendor support, management and security.

How will wireless be impacted?

There are now two projects underway that are improving wireless access.  The first project is expanding wireless coverage to 100% of the inside areas normally occupied by students, faculty and staff.  More information on this project is available on our Wireless Network page including information on what areas are currently covered and how to request additional coverage.  The second project is upgrading all of the existing wireless equipment with new devices to support all of the current wireless standards.  All new wireless will support the A,B,G, and N standards where N is the fastest with a max speed at 300 mbits/s.